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Global wind could hit 2.1 TW by 2030; Germany pilots wind plus pumped hydro

Oct 23, 2016

Wind energy news you need to know.

Suppliers use global desert data to spur Middle East growth

Jun 20, 2016

Wind turbine suppliers are leveraging global operations data from hot and sandy sites to drive down costs in growing Middle East and North Africa markets, leading firms said at the...

South African projects must tackle forex risks as national growth slows

Feb 29, 2016

South Africa's new budget plans failed to calm the volatility in currency trading which has increased the challenges for foreign renewable investors. A deep pool of domestic...

South Africa expands grid, wind maps to ease siting congestion

Feb 14, 2016

Power utility Eskom plans to use recently-acquired funding to strengthen its grid and new wind speed maps could highlight new opportunities.

South Africa eyes first blade factory to boost local content

Jan 31, 2016

The emergence of a blade manufacturing base in South Africa's expanding wind power industry could see local content levels far exceed 50% in upcoming project bids, Johan van den...

Finance risks ease as South Africa enters Round 4 bidding

Apr 2, 2015

As the original wind farms awarded under Rounds 1 and 2 of the REIPPP are starting to come online, Round 4 is beginning to see reduced financial risk. We check in with two individuals...

Official Government delegation announcement to Wind Energy Cape Town 2015

Mar 31, 2015

Members from the Department of Trade and Industry, department of energy and the Independent Power Producer programme will be attending and presenting at the 2nd year of Wind Energy...

Expert solutions to increase wind power on South African grid

Mar 24, 2015

South Africa has grown its wind energy generating capacity by 560MW for 2014 (GWEC). With a physically and financially constrained grid, getting more wind power online remains a...

Arup & Monsson Group announce as partners to Wind Energy Cape Town 2015

Mar 4, 2015

Arup and Monsson Group have signed up to become executive partners at Wind Energy Summit Cape Town 2015. The agreements amount to a combined effort to promote and expand the wind...


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