US secures first offshore foundation; Germany leads Europe's expansion

Aug 3, 2015

A selection of news from the last fortnight.

Cost-cutting foundations in Ohio lake highlight benefit of European input

Jul 6, 2015

Manufacturing costs for Mono Bucket foundations are around 10-15% below the costs for monopile systems and installation costs around 30-50% lower, Lorry Wagner, President of Lake Erie...

Pumped hydro storage softens blow of wind imbalance penalties

Jul 6, 2015

Energy storage solutions such as pumped hydro provide wind farm developers with the means to cut output wastage during off-peak periods, Dave Holmes, Managing Director of UK’s Quarry...

Rising offshore plant capacities lead to greater data-based O&M gains

Jun 5, 2015

The growing size of offshore wind farms provides greater scope for data optimisation during Operations and Maintenance, while software solutions can also help mitigate risk during the...

Monopiles to remain dominant offshore foundation in Europe: consultant

May 29, 2015

Monopiles will be Europe’s dominant offshore wind foundation for the next five years despite increasing turbine capacity, Tim Fischer, Head of Wind at German consultancy Ramboll, said.


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